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Indonesian Man Wearing White Hat Holding A Scissor Sitting on River Bank Children Having Fun Playing at Banda Kali Padang City West Sumatra Indonesia Fun Competition Using Balloons During Indonesia Independence Day a farmer wearing a hat holds a fishing net in the sea A child learns to write in front of his house black Slipper on the street Smoke on the car in the middle of the street behind of Kopaja a man try to Finding a signal to his phone in parking area Activity in Barbershop, Outside Viewed Through Glass Window Kota Tua region in jakarta in the day Indonesian farmers plow fields with cows accopanied by beloved wife the silhouette of a man playing guitar and woman wearing hijab sitting together 2 Small Children Wear Scout Uniforms and Hijab Brush Their Teeth in the Schoolyard Bad Boy smoking in the street Rainning Fun Bike Indonesian Farmers work on lake to fix freshwater fish cages A cup of breakfast tea and newspaper on a wooden table two Indonesian Female farmers planting rice in the fields in the afternoon An Indonesian Farmer Wearing Farmer's Hat Sitting Alone on A Small Path Between Rice Field Working An Indonesian Boy Sitting Alone in The Middle of The Street While Holding a Plastic Glass, Black and White Photo an Indonesian man washing the car in the rain A Hand Holding A Black Smartphone Screen With Red Background a pencil on the gray bag a man wearing black hat and box shirt smoking in front the open door of car