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V60 Manual Brew. a woman farmer picking chili in the fields a farmer shepherding cows in the middle of the rice field in afternoon An Indonesian man holding camera ready to taking picture i two young people with white shirt and black pants riding bicycle in the traffic Traditional Ice Cream Saler an old father fishing in the river standing on the bridge in afternoon An Indonesian Man Cooking Traditionally in Small Kitchen A Man Sailing a Wooden Boat on the River In the Middle of Forest a man using a ladder to climbing an old ship in the afternoon a father and his son are in the fields with beautiful sunset In innoondonesian in the after Sunset and The Fisherman An Indonesian Burger Man Selling Cheese Burger on His Stand a official parking wearing  orange vest and black hat symbolize peace in his left hand in the parking area in afternoon an old man indonesian wearing black hat and batik cutting tempe in traditional market in the afternoon An Indonesian Man in Orange Suit and Black Hat Sweeping the Street in afternoon an old man wearing Batik clothes squatting holding a knife on his right hand and banana on his left hand in the walkside a street painter sitting  painting something on the roadside in afternoon